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August 6, 2018

Dr. Russell W. Currier was elected President of the American Veterinary Medical History Society at its annual meeting held in Denver, Colorado on July 14, 2018 during the AVMA Convention. Dr. Currier also served as Society president from 2010 to 2012. Most recently, as chair of the Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest Committee, he managed the Society's annual contest for DVM students in the United States and Canada to win monetary prizes and encourage appreciation and understanding of the history of veterinary medicine. He is Executive Director Emeritus of the Am...

July 10, 2018

AVMHS is very pleased to welcome the new chair of the Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Content. Beginning with preparations for the 2019 contest, Dr. Jessica R. Zeiger replaces Dr. Russell W. Currier who has organized this annual contest for DVM students at US and Canadian veterinary colleges for 10 years. Dr. Zeiger earned her DVM degree from Purdue University in 2018 and possesses an enthusiastic interest in veterinary history. Having won four prizes in this contest, her first (twice), second, and fourth place essays have been published in issues of Veterinary Herit...

June 30, 2018


[Perspectives:] Innovations in Small Animal Surgery: A Historical Review, Part 1, The Early Years, by Robert L. Leighton

About the MSPCA Rowley Memorial Animal Hospital, Springfield, Mass. (1929-2007)

Sleep Away the Suffering: The Early Development of Veterinary Surgical Anesthesia, by Jessica R. Zeiger

A Story of Mice and Men: The Evolution of Animal Experiments, by Kara Simon

Economics of the Veterinary Profession: The Tables Have Turned, by Katya P. Luckenbach

American Veterinary History: Our First Veterinarians, by Bert W. Bierer

[Book Review:] Their Fate is Our Fate: Ho...

May 24, 2018

We are very pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest. They are:

First Prize

Jessica Zeiger ’18, Purdue University, “Perceptions of Conception: The History of Artificial Insemination”

Second Prize

Marta Zlotnick ’19, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech, “The Child’s Vet: Veterinarians in Children’s Media in 20th Century America”

Third Prize

Ashley Russo ’19, Kansas State University, “Who Let the Dogs Out of Orbit?: A Brief History of the First Dog in Space”

Fourth Prize

Janna Draper ’19, Purdue...

January 30, 2018

The American Veterinary Medical History Society invites you to identify some older instruments that were used by veterinarians in the past.  Take a quiz question and see if you can name the veterinary instrument. Click "Get Answer" to find out if you guessed correctly. 

December 31, 2017

Everyone enjoys good stories...and especially those related to animals and people. After James Herriot published the first of his beloved books in the 1970s, many more veterinarians since then have shared their memoirs, recollections, reminiscences, and adventures over the years. AVMHS is pleased to share several lists of these books to encourage practitioners to write about experiences during their own careers and for readers to have many hours of happy reading and enjoyment.  

December 7, 2017


Richard Edwin Shope, MD, 1901-1966, Highlights of the Life of Accomplishment in the Field of Animal Health, by Russell W. Currier. Inset: Meyer and Shope: Two Giants of One Health for the Early Decades of the 20th Century.


Animal Shelter Medicine: Dancing to a Changing Tune, by Lila T. Miller and Stephen L. Zawistowski

Madness, Mystery, and Monsters: An Early History of Rabies, by Jessica R. Zeiger

The Development of Enrichment and Its Importance in Animal Health, by Janna M. Draper

Differences That Matter: The F...

September 3, 2017

Professor David J. Williams was elected incoming AVMHS President at the annual meeting in Indianapolis on July 22, 2017. He is Professor of Medical Illustration at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University and teaches courses on veterinary history. Professor Williams co-authored  "Veterinary Medicine: An Illustrated History" with Robert Dunlop." 

September 3, 2017

It's time to think about a veterinary history topic to research and write about for the 2018 Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest. The deadline is midnight APRIL 15, 2018. Contest committee chair Dr. Russell Currier encourages all D.V.M. students enrolled in a veterinary college in the United States, Canada and West Indies to submit one or more essays to win prizes worth $1,200, $1,000, $800, and $500 and have their winning essays published in Veterinary Heritage.

June 30, 2017


The Indiana Veterinary College (1892-1924): Its Background and Contributions to Veterinary History, by Howard H. Erickson

The Successful 1912 A.V.M.A. Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, by Howard H. Erickson

The Guinea Pig: Endearing, Enduring or Both? by Kelsey Madden

Making the Shoe Fit: A Brief Review of the History of Farriery and Evolution of Horseshoes, by Jessica R. Zeiger

A Short Lived Rise of Farriery, by Bert W. Bierer

Establishment of the Cornell School for Horseshoers: The Need for Scientific Instruction for Farriers, by Susanne Whitaker

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