Veterinarians in America and around the world have accomplished much in their careers and left lasting legacies of personal achievement as well as their contributions to the development of the veterinary medical profession.

Biographies and biographical sketches capture insights into their backgrounds, education, and accomplishments, both professional and personal.


These are incomplete bibliographic lists of some relevant biographies. Additional citations will be added. 

Additional information can be found in personal memoirs of recollections, reminiscences, and adventures compiled by the veterinarians themselves.


Please send suggestions for additional biographies to the AVMHS Secretary-Treasurer.

January 03, 2023

Biographies of Veterinarians -- Books and E-Books

This is a bibliographic list of biographies and biographical sketches about veterinarians published as printed books. Some may be accessible online, especially if published prior to 1923. Titles are sorted by geographical location, if known.

See also: Memoirs, Reminiscences and Personal Stories written by veterinarians. 

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