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Veterinarians in America and around the world have accomplished much in their careers and left lasting legacies of personal achievement as well as their contributions to the development of the veterinary medical profession.

Biographies and biographical sketches capture insights into their backgrounds, education, and accomplishments, both professional and personal.


Additional information can be found in personal memoirs, recollections, reminiscences, adventures, and autobiographies compiled by the veterinarians themselves.

Please send suggestions for additional biographies to the AVMHS Secretary-Treasurer.

Biographies of Veterinarians -- Books and E-Books

Below find several published biographies worth noting. Additional titles will be added in the future. Some may be accessible online, especially if published prior to 1923. 

See also: Memoirs, Reminiscences and Personal Stories provides lists of books from 1900 to present written by veterinarians themselves about their experiences.  

CARY, Charles Allen (1861-1935)

Hendrix, Sam. The Cary Legacy: Dr. Charles Allen Cary Father of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn and in the South. Montgomery, AL: The Donnell Group, 2018. 374 pgs. ISBN: 9780998590424

CONNAWAY, John Waldo (1859-1947)

FRANCIS, Mark (1863-1936)

Shelton, George Calvin. Visions of Two Pioneer Veterinarians. Jefferson City, MO: Modern Litho-Print Co., 2011. 282 pgs. ISBN:9780615436050

CURTICE, Cooper (1856-1939)

Logue, Jeanne N. Beyond the Germ Theory: The Story of Dr. Cooper Curtice. College Station, TX: Texas A & M University Press, 1995. 149 pgs.

FRANCIS, Mark (1863-1936)

CONNAWAY, John Waldo (1859-1947)

Shelton, George Calvin. Visions of Two Pioneer Veterinarians. Jefferson City, MO: Modern Litho-Print Co., 2011. 282 pgs. ISBN:9780615436050

MORRIS, Mark Loren, Sr. (1934-1993)

Haselbush, Willard C. Mark Morris, Veterinarian. [S.l.]: R.R. Donnelley, 1984. 231 pgs

POETT, John Luke (1840-1895)

Loew, Franklin M. Vet in the Saddle: John L. Poett, First Veterinary Surgeon of the North West Mounted Police. Saskatoon, Sask.: Western Producer Prairie Books, 1978. 128 pgs.

STAFSETH, Henrik Joakim (1890-1968)

Stalheim, Ole H. V, and James H Steele. Henrik Joakim Stafseth and Public Health Veterinarians. Ames, Iowa: Ole H. Stalheim, 2005. 173 pgs.

SEE ALSO: Henrik Joakim Stafseth Papers. Michigan State University Library

STEELE, James Harlan  (1913-2013)

Carter, Craig Nash and Cynthia Gregg Hoobler. One Man, One Medicine, One Health: The James H. Steele Story. [Charleston, SC]: C.N. Carter, 2018. 431 pgs. ISBN: 9781439240045

SEE ALSO: Schultz MG. In memoriam: James Harlan Steele (1913-2013). Emerg Infect Dis. 2014 Mar;20(3):514-5. doi: 10.3201/eid2003.im2003. 

[Various veterinary pathologists]

Saunders, L. Z. A Biographical History of Veterinary Pathology. Lawrence, Kan.: Allen Press, 1996. 589 pgs.

[Various woman veterinarians]

Drum, Sue, and H. Ellen Whiteley. Women in Veterinary Medicine: Profiles of Success. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1991. 270 pgs.

[Various woman veterinarians]

Gentry, Lesley Ann. The Lady Is a Veterinarian: the Pioneer Women Who Graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State College, 1932-1956. Beloit, Kan.: Lesley Ann Gentry, 2005. 145 pgs. [Table of contents]

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