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Veterinary Heritage: Bulletin of the American Veterinary Medical History Society (ISSN: 1096-5904) 

Veterinary Heritage is the official organ of the American Veterinary Medical History Society, Inc. since 1982. It is published semi-annually in June and December. Issues are included with membership, but subscriptions can be purchased separately. 

It supports the Society's objectives to:

  • Promote original research and writing on veterinary history topics.

  • Communicate such information on veterinary history to veterinarians and others interested in the subject.

  • Serve as a permanent printed resource for persons and groups seeking information about veterinary history now and in the future.

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Editor, Veterinary Heritage

American Veterinary Medical History Society

23 Wedgewood Drive

Ithaca, NY 14850-1064



TABLE OF CONTENTS - WD (as of Dec 2023)

All issues as a PDF Word document 

TABLES OF CONTENTS - XL (as of Dec 2023) 

All issues as a PDF Excel spreadsheet


History of the McKillip  Veterinary College (1892-1920: A Significant Early Private School in Chicago. / Howard H. Erickson and Susanne K. Whitaker. Vet Herit. 2021 Jun;44(1):1-16.

The Beginnings of a Specialty: The Creation of the AAVAA. / Charles E. Short and Lawrence R. Soma. Vet Herit. 2020 Jun;43(1):32-37.

The Dogs of War: History of the U.S. Military Dog. / Kathleen L. Beach. Vet Herit. 2013 May-Nov;36(1-2):3-10.

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