Oral history interviews preserve the rich history of veterinary medicine in the actual words of the individuals who lived it.


AVMHS is dedicated to promoting the conducting of oral history interviews and sharing those histories.


Use these links to connect to existing publicly-accessible video interviews of veterinarians.


For further information about doing oral history interviews and for suggesting sources for existing interviews in veterinary medicine, contact Dr. Fred Born, chair AVMHS Oral History Committee (

Video Interviews with UCDavis School of Veterinary Medicine Faculty

1993 to date.

These video Interviews with UCDavis School of Veterinary Medicine Faculty were recorded for the UCDavis Emeriti Association Video Records Project.

Videos can be viewed in person at the Shields Library or on YouTube.


A complete Alphabetical List of Video Records Interviews is available at:

Veterinary Medicine Faculty Members and Episode Number:

ARDENS, Alex #412

BIBERSTEIN, Ernest L. #186

BLACK, Arthur L.


CARLSON, Gary P. #282

CELLO, Robert M. #17

CORDY, Donald R.

DROST, Maarten #380

FOWLER, Murray E. #112


GARDNER, Murray B. #251

GIETZEN, Dorothy W.

GOLDMAN, Marvin #153

HART, Benjamin L. #408

HEUSNER, Alfred A. #171

HJERPE, Charles A. #250

LEIGHTON, Robert L. #180

LOW, Donald G. #144

KANEKO, Jiro “Jerry” #216

KENNEDY, Peter C. #158

MEAGHER, Dennis M.

MEYER, Margaret E. #92

OSBURN, Bennie #404


PARKER, Harold R.

PRITCHARD, William R. #95

RHODE, Edward E. #116


ROSENWALD, Arnold “Rosie” #240


SMITH, Bradford P. #340

THEILEN, Gordon H. #280

TYLER, Walter S. #233

WHEAT, J. Don #224

WONG, Ming M.

UCDAVIS interview.JPG

Conversations with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Faculty


These video interviews of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine Faculty were recorded for the Internet-First University Press and are accessible via the Cornell eCommons digital repository. 

A conversation with:

CARMICHAEL, Leland L. “Skip”


Cornell oral history II.JPG

Kansas State University CVM Alumni Video Biographies

1918 to date

The College of Veterinary Medicine is compiling biographies of our Extraordinary Graduates with 40 years of experience or more, to share the stories of their lives and careers in the hope of creating an enduring legacy and to inspire future generations of veterinary graduates. 


These Extraordinary Graduates of Kansas State University have shared stories from before, during, and after veterinary school and what it means to them to be a veterinarian. These biographies demonstrate the exceptional commitment, heroism, integrity, discipline, values and discovery involved in dedicating your life to the greatest profession in the world!

For more information about this ongoing program contact

Connect to more than 50 video biographies at K-State CVM