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Resources on History of Veterinary Medicine in the United States and Canada, by C. Trenton Boyd (rev. Nov. 24, 2009); Updated by Susanne Whitaker (rev. Dec. 31, 2021)

This is a bibliography of books published on the history of veterinary medicine in the United States and Canada. In addition to general works, state veterinary medical association and veterinary college histories and commemorative volumes are arranged by state. 

Information Resources on Veterinary History at the National Agricultural Library, compiled by Judith Ho. (Feb. 2005)

(AWIC Resource Series no 29)

This bibliography includes works selected from USDA’s National Agricultural Library (NAL) collection on applied veterinary science.


The American Veterinary Profession: Its Background and Development, by J. Fred Smithcors. Ames, IA: Iowa State University Press, 1963.

A Concise History of Veterinary Medicine, by Susan D. Jones and Peter A. Koolmees. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022.

The History of Veterinary Medicine and the Animal-Human Relationship, by Bruce Vivash Jones. Essex, U.K.: 5m Books, 2021. 

Evolution of the Veterinary Art: A Narrative Account to 1850, by J. Fred Smithcors. Kansas City, MO: Veterinary Medicine Publishing, 1957. 408 pgs. 

Veterinary Military History of the United States, With a Brief Record of the Development of Veterinary Education, Practice, Organization and Legislation, in Two Volumes, by Louis A. Merillat and Delwin M. Campbell. Chicago: Veterinary Magazine Corp., 1935.

Volume 1

Volume 2 

The Veterinarian in America 1625-1975, by J. Fred Smithcors. Santa Barbara, CA: American Veterinary Publications, 1975. 160 pgs.

Veterinary Medicine: An Illustrated History, by Robert H. Dunlop and David J. Williams. St. Louis: Mosby, 1996. 

Pioneer Science and the Great Plagues: How Microbes, War, and Public Health Shaped Animal Health, by Norman F. Cheville. Purdue University Press, 2021. 357 pgs. 

The Early History of Veterinary Literature and Its British Development, by Major-General Sir Frederick Smith (1919-1933)

Vol. 1 - J Comp Path Therap (1912-1918)

Vol. 2 - Supplement to Vet J (1923-1924)

Vol. 3 - Supplement to Vet J (1929-1930)

Vol. 4 - edited by F. Bullock

Catalogue of Rare Veterinary Books and Allied Subjects in Allied Husbandry in the Michigan State University Library, by Henry C. Koch. Michigan State University Library, 2011. 309 pgs. 

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