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The American Veterinary Journal, devoted to the diffusion of veterinary knowledge. v.1 (1855/56)

American Veterinary Journal. New Series. v.1 (1855/56) - v.4, no.3 (1859 Mar)

This new series of an early journal was published by George H. Dadd, VS when he was based in Boston, Massachusetts and associated with the Boston Veterinary Institute.

American Veterinary Review. v.1 (1877/78) - v.47 (1915)

The American Veterinary Review was first edited by Alexandre Liautard, MD, VS shortly after the United States Veterinary Medical Association (later renamed the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1895) was established in 1863 in New York City. It was purchased by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1915 to become its official organ.

Canadian Veterinary Record. v.1 (1920) m- v.4 (1923)

The Cornell Veterinarian. v.1 (1911) - v.84 (1994 Jan)

Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. v.48 new series v.1 (1915/16) - v.164 (1974)

When the American Veterinary Review was purchased by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1915, the title was changed and a new series of volumes was initiated.

Memoirs of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture: containing communications on various subjects in husbandry & rural affairs. v.1 (1808) - v.5 (1826)

Volume 5 (pgs. il-lxv) includes Benjamin Rush's classic 1807 Introductory Lecture "on the diseases of animals."

Missouri Valley Veterinary Bulletin. v.4 (1909 - v.6 (1911)

The North American Veterinarian. v.1 (1920) - v.7 (1926)

Veterinary Medicine. v.15 (1920) - v.20 (1925)

The Veterinary Record: the Journal of the British Veterinary Association. v.24 (1911/12) - v.33 (1920/21); n.s. v.1 (1921) - v.34 n.s.2 (1922)

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