AVMHS Time-Bites are a series of short historical "mini-stories" about facets of veterinary medicine and animal health from ancient times through the ages. They highlight how veterinary medicine has changed over time and, in many instances, provide examples of how human and veterinary medicine have interrelated in the past.


AVMHS members compile the Time-Bites which are enhanced by VIN specialists who add connections to recent journal articles or to current discussions posted by VIN members. Time-Bites are heavily referenced to encourage readers to continue their learning about the topics.


Since 2009, these short stories are published exclusively on the Veterinary Information Network® (VIN®) (https://vin.com/vin) and may be viewed only by VIN members. VIN is a closed online community composed of thousands of veterinarians, veterinary students, and other animal health professionals around the world.  


 Susan E. Aiello, DVM, ELS, Editor

 c/o AVMHS Time-Bites