The practice of veterinary medicine continues to evolve and change. The American Veterinary Medical History Society invites you to identify some older instruments that were used by veterinarians in the past.


Take a quiz, then click “Get Answer” to find out what it is and get more information.

Instruments and descriptions have been provided by Fred J. Born, DVM (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin). 

What was this instrument used for?


HINT: It was used in association with a communicable disease.

Veterinary Instrument Quiz #5

HINT: A veterinarian would use this instrument on a farm.

Veterinary Instrument Quiz #4

What was this instrument used for?


HINT: This item dates to about 1910. The AVMA currently opposes the procedure this instrument was used for.

Veterinary Instrument Quiz #3

What was this instrument used for and why?


HINT: It is 20 inches long and weights five pounds.

Veterinary Instrument Quiz #2

What is this instrument? What was it used for?


HINT: It is five inches long and is 300 years old. It was invented by and a patent issued to an English farrier.

Veterinary Instrument Quiz #1

HINT: It was developed and used in the late 1950's at Michigan State University and was still in use in the late 1970's. The inventor was Dr. Roger Brown, who was on the MSU School of Veterinary Medicine’s surgical staff.


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