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Registry of Heritage Veterinary Practices

From beginnings in America, veterinarians have established veterinary practices through which to provide health care for animals--from the lone "horse doctor" traveling to house calls in a buggy to today's high-tech, multi-clinic specialty partnerships.  

The American Veterinary Medical History Society honors the many contributions made by veterinary practices and the dedicated veterinarians who have owned these small businesses over the years by recognizing those which have achieved important milestones.

The Registry of Heritage Veterinary Practices intends to list any type of veterinary practice in the United States and Canada which has been in continuous operation for 50 years or more regardless of owner, dfferent addresses, building renovation, and name changes.  Some have even been passed down to generations of family members, but all have enriched the communities they have continuously served through the decades. 

We continue to seek additional practices to add to the Registry at any time. There is no cost or fee for a heritage practice to participate in the Registry.


APPLICATION FORM (rev. Dec. 2017)

BROCHURE: Registry of Heritage Veterinary Practices (rev. June 2020)

CERTIFICATE: Registry of Heritage Veterinary Practices (rev. 2019)

The Society is pleased to mail certificates to heritage veterinary practices for display in waiting rooms and office and/or office areas. 

WEB LOGO: Registry of Heritage Veterinary Practices (rev. 2019)

To promote their many years of service, this logo image is available for posting on practice web sites. 

Last updated 2023-August-14

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