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2013 April

Mon Apr 01 2013 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

  • Program Warning--See Page 36

  • No AVMHS Booth in the Exhibition Hall

  • History PowerPoint at AVMA

  • AVMHS Annual Business Meeting

  • 1895 United  Stated Veterinary Convention

  • AVMHS 5th Regional History Meeting in  Kentucky

  • Other AVMA History-related Plans

  • AVMHS Oral Histories  Program

  • AVMF Symposium on "Understandign Our Past to Transform our  Future"

  • Dr. Fred Born Talks at NE WVMA Meeting

  • Dr. Jose Tacal's  Memoirs; Shomer Rare Books Going to Wisconsin

  • AVMA Plans to Modernize  Its Logo

  • The Veterinarian in America 1625 to 1975 Now on CD-ROM

  • Sources for Older Full-Text Online Books

  • AVMA 150th YouTube Videos

  • AVMA Interactive Historical Time Line

  • Meeting Calendar

  • New AVMHS  Member; New Registry of Heritage Veterinary Practice

  • New Books

  • Recent Journal Articles

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