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2020 September

Tue Sep 01 2020 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

  • Message from President Zbigniew Wojcinski 

  • Status Report on AVMHS’s Guideposts Book 

  • “Virtual” Program for 2020 Annual Meeting 

  • Meet New 2020-2021 AVMHS Officers and Board Members

  • AAAP History Committee Meeting 

  • More of Dr. Charles R. Schroeder 

  • AVMA Posters Postponed to Next Year 

  • Virtual AVMHS Board Meeting September 10 

  • Membership Committee Established 

  • Record COVID-19 History… Now! 

  • Latest Developments at Fort Ord Station Veterinary Hospital 

  • New Online Historical Exhibit at Penn Vet 

  • Meeting and Event Calendar 

  • New AVMHS Members 

  • New Registry of Heritage Veterinary Practices 

  • New Books 

  • Recent Journal Articles

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