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Veterinary Heritage June 2018


[Perspectives:] Innovations in Small Animal Surgery: A Historical Review, Part 1, The Early Years, by Robert L. Leighton

About the MSPCA Rowley Memorial Animal Hospital, Springfield, Mass. (1929-2007)

Sleep Away the Suffering: The Early Development of Veterinary Surgical Anesthesia, by Jessica R. Zeiger

A Story of Mice and Men: The Evolution of Animal Experiments, by Kara Simon

Economics of the Veterinary Profession: The Tables Have Turned, by Katya P. Luckenbach

American Veterinary History: Our First Veterinarians, by Bert W. Bierer

[Book Review:] Their Fate is Our Fate: How Birds Foretell Threats to Our Health and the World, by Emily Meier


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