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Veterinary Heritage December 2021


On the front cover: Zoological Gardens, Regent’s Park London. View inside the zoo in Regent's Park with a crowd of visitors; a man feeding an elephant at left, 1835. Lithograph with hand-coloring

Unexpected Allies: How an Original Thought from the 1930s Saved the Florida Key Deer from the Screwworm

Polly V. Weldon

Vet Herit. 2021 Dec;44(2):49-54

First Prize in the 2021 Dr. J. Fred Smithcors Veterinary History Essay Contest

Zoo Pathology: A Historic Lens on an Emerging Field

Lydia Hall

Vet Herit. 2021 Dec;44(2):55-60

Third Prize in the 2021 Dr. J. Fred Smithcors Veterinary History Essay Contest

History of the Berkeley Dog & Cat Hospital: Caring for Animals Since 1907

Richard Benjamin, Jerry M. Owens, and Susanne K. Whitaker

Vet Herit. 2021 Dec;44(2):61-68

Early Veterinary College Data: The Contributions of Dr. J.P. Foster (1871-1957)

Susanne K. Whitaker and Howard H. Erickson

Vet Herit. 2021 Dec;44(2):69-80

Book Review: Pioneer Science and the Great Plagues: How Microbes, War, and Public Health Shaped Animal Health, by Norman F. Cheville

Russell W. Currier

Vet Herit. 2021 Dec;44(2):81-82

Guideposts for Veterinary Professionals

Vet Herit. 2021 Dec;44(2):82

AVMHS Time-Bite: What to Call a Veterinary Degree: VS, DVS, MDV, DVM, MDC…?

Vet Herit. 2021 Dec;44(2):83-84

Instructions for Authors

Vet Herit. 2021 Dec;44(2):54

2021-2022 AVMHS Officers, Board Members and Committees

On the back cover: Eradiating the Screwworm Fly

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