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Veterinary Heritage December 2023


On the front cover: Horse-drawn streetcar, New York City, 1908. From: Wikimedia Commons.


Nineteenth Century Urban Crisis: The Horse as a Public Health Hazard.

            Reese Bailey

Vet Herit. 2023 Dec;46(2):41-45.

            Second Prize in the 2023 J. Fred Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest.


The Taming of the Screw(worm): A History of the Sterile Insect Technique.

            Emma Gildner

Vet Herit. 2023 Dec;46(2):46-50.

            First Prize in the 2023 J. Fred Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest.


Doors Were Opening: 19th Century Women Pursuing Veterinary Medicine.

            Susanne K. Whitaker

Vet Herit. 2023 Dec;46(2):52-64.


Quebec Hosts Its First International Veterinary Congress in 1923.

            Michel Pepin

Vet Herit. 2023 Dec;46(2):65-69.


Dourine Disease: Control and Early Efforts Toward Eradication.

            Burt W. Bierer

Vet Herit. 2023 Dec;46(2):70-74.


AVMHS Time-Bite: Suturing with Horsehair.

Vet Herit. 2023 Dec;46(2):75-76.


2023-2024 AVMHS Officers, Board Members, and Committees.


On the back cover: Horses Were Giving Way to Wheeled Vehicles.

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