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2014 February

Sat Feb 01 2014 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

  • Dr. Wolfgang J. Jochle Has Died

  • Smithcors History Essay Contest Prizes

  • Deadline for 2014 Young Scholars Award

  • Program for AVMA 2014 in Denver

  • Veterinary Museum Directory Updated

  • Proposed History Program  for AVMA Convention in Boston 2015

  • American Museum of Veterinary  Medicine Books Are in Wisconsin

  • JAVMA Correction

  • Dr. James H. Steele's  Connection to Dr. John Gamgee

  • Research on Early Kansas Veterinary Schools

  • Dr. Jeanne Logue-A Significatn Loss

  • In Memoriam: Jack R.  Horton DVM

  • Human Rights and Animal Rights

  • New Registry of Heritage  Veterinary Practice

  • AVMHS Office Telephone Number Change

  • Meeting  Calendar

  • New Books

  • Recent Journal Articles

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