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2020 April

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  • AVMHS President Dr. Jerry M. Owens’ Travel Report

  • Meeting Plans for San Diego

  • Four Ingram Brothers Revealed, part II

  • Registry Brochure and Certificate

  • Past Veterinary Colleges Web Page

  • Honorary Member Dr. Philippe de Wailly

  • Time-Bites Now Accessible in VSNP

  • Dr. Mark Rishniw on Eclampsia

  • Dr. Fred Born’s Vintage Instrument Quiz #8

  • Veterinary Roundtable Auctions

  • Online Index to Veterinary History

  • Links to Human Medical History Resources

  • WAHVM 2020 Congress in South Africa

  • MSU’s Human-Animal Connection Exhibit

  • New Book: Comanche and His Captain

  • Meeting and Event Calendar 2020

  • New AVMHS Members

  • New AVMHS Registry of Heritage Veterinary Practices

  • New Books

  • Answer to Vintage Instrument Quiz #8

  • Recent Journal Articles

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