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Veterinary Heritage November 2019


The Dispersion of Veterinary Medicine from Europe to New York: A Survey of Early Veterinarians in Albany, New York in the 19th Century

Douglas L. Cohn

Historical Reflections: History of Nephrology in Veterinary Medicine

Jerry M. Owens and Dennis J. Chew

Animals in Court: The Early Days of Veterinary Forensics

Jennifer Chong Fan

Doctor of Donkeys: The Story of Claude Bourgelat, Who Turned His Love for Equids into a Medical Profession

Scarlett Denise Welfel

Daniel E. Baughman, D.V.S., Founder of Fort Dodge Laboratories: A Pioneer in Veterinary Medicine

Kenneth E. Baughman

Veterinary Heritage Practice – Since 1910: The Animal Medical Center, A Century of Service and Innovation

Jerry M. Owens

The Eradication of Contagious Pleuro-Pneumonia

Bert W. Bierer

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